Buying House Services – Sourcing, Inspection, Merchandising & More…ExtraSourcing – Being a renowned buying & Sourcing agent of Indian Wardrobe since 2000, our premium Merchandising & specialize buying House agency services include professional quality control, Exhaust inspection, Product Design & consultation of Indian Handicrafts to European overseas Clients. Our ExtraSourcing Organization is independent from any kind of manufacturing.
Our sourcing capabilities are in diverse range of products from India like Christmas Decoration, Coir Mats, Fashion Accessories, Floor Covering, Footwear, Gents Shoes, Ladies Footwear, Glass Ware, Handmade Bags, Home Decoration, Home Furnishing, Home Textile,
Indian Furniture, Indian Garments, Indian Handicrafts, kitchenware, Leather Products, Marble Products, Painting etc

All you need to do is to let us know the products that you have keen interest in and urgently need as per market demand and supply, with your order quantities and Delivery dates when you will need them in your warehouse, this is irrespective of where from the products are coming, how many vendors are producing them etc coz we will take care of the rest.

Our Methodology and sincerity makes transparent business relationship and parallel coordination to your product demand and you send all the payments directly to the vendors on their respective bulk products invoices.

Extrasouring has been providing 100% Quality Assurance on our merchandising and buying agency services in India Since 2000. Our inspection services could serve you at different production stages, from the very first time you are selecting your supplier to the time when shipment takes place:

Factory Audit
Introductory Inspection Check
Online Inspection Check
Production Sample Submission
Final Inspection Report (FIR)
Container Loading Supervision at ICD (Inland Container Depots)
Product Certification & Testing

We continued to develop our key personnel skills in Container amalgamation, language, global business to business ethics and multinational sourcing strategies. Our Sourcing Management team is workaholic and passionate about what we do and run our business with 100 % transparent with our customers and feel pride.