Extra Sourcing is a leading buying agency operating from India since 2000 specializes mainly in sourcing of floor coverings  home furnishing,handicrafts,furniture ,home decoration and gift items along with product orders and relable on time delivery.It is strategically located in the artistic hub of India .It aims at providing a range of services to overseas importers,wholesalers,worldwide stores to satisfy their buying requirements from India. It bridges the gap between the overseas customers and real core manufacturers to make their valued imports timely,smoothly and within their required quality standards.


The company was founded with the sole vision of providing customer satisfaction through the value added services and quality products.It consistently delights its customers through the commitment towards desired quality and valuable services.


COMPETITIVE PRICING AND VALUABLE SERVICES –In addition to providing with the most competitive pricing from our strong sourcing network,our overseas customers get additionally get the good services of local presence and a company independently working to ensure all quality requirements….All of this within the buying price.


From the time of the initial enquiry and developments stage our company is actively involved both with the manufacturers and the customers in managing functions of planning,organizing,directing,controlling ,pricing and last but not least of effective coordination to ensure that every activity right  from sourcing to time delivery can efficiently and effectively managed.


Over the years it has enjoyed a good business relation with its renowned customers globally from Europe,UK,Usa,Middle East.